Microwave Ablation

Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation System

The Solero MTA System offers scalability with a rigid 15 Gage, single stainless-steel applicator, available in 14,19, and 29cm lengths. Designed for multiple predictable ablation zones with a low-profile handle and 1cm markings, aiding in device positioning. The 2.86m power delivery cable is fully cooled. The Solid-State Generator System is easy to setup, powers up to 140 W, has an Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface and an Integrated Peristaltic Pump for Applicator Coolant Temperature Monitoring. The Reflected Energy Monitoring reduces MW applicator placement time. The Solero MTA System delivers focused microwave energy at a 2.45 GHz Operating Frequency, to generate lethal heat levels, greater than 70°C, to destroy tissue.

Radiofrequency Ablation

StarBurst® Radiofrequency Electrodes

The 15 Gage, multi-tined StarBurst® Radiofrequency Ablation Electrodes with patented temperature-based endpoints, are used in conjunction with the RITA Generator, supplying radiofrequency (RF) energy for the partial or complete coagulation and ablation of soft tissue. An innovative needle design allows the StarBurst RFA electrosurgical devices to be utilized in percutaneous, open, or laparoscopic surgical procedures, to create soft tissue spherical ablation up to 7cm. This allows for consistent, sustained target temperatures and the precise ablation of predictable volumes of tissue, ensuring low local recurrence rates. RFA reduces procedure times and often enables patients to resume normal activities within days.

UniBlate™ RFA Electrodes

The 17 Gage Linear Deployment UniBlate Electrode allows the user to “dial in” the desired length of the active electrode, with a scalable active length from 1-2.5 cm. This spares the most normal tissue possible, and has only one thermocouple, providing added safety near critical structures. It is the most CT-gantry compatible electrode available with a right-angle cable connection, has full track ablation capabilities and built in cool down processes after each ablation, providing full temperature feedback and RF power control. The electrodes are fully compatible with the AngioDynamics 1500X RF Generator and IntelliFlow Peristaltic Infusion Pump.