Assisted Reproductive Therapy

Guardia™Embryo Transfer Catheter

Used to place in vitro fertilized (IVF) embryos into the uterine cavity.
The bulb-shaped tip promotes passage through the cervix and into the uterine cavity.
The curved guide catheter and soft, flexible transfer catheter may aid in navigation.
The Microvol™ technology decreases the volume of media that is required for the transfer.

Soft-Pass™ Embryo Transfer Catheter Set

Used to place in vitro fertilized (IVF) embryos into the uterine cavity.
The soft, flexible guide catheter is designed to facilitate placement of the set. Sets are available with transfer catheters that have an integrated stainless steel support cannula to aid catheter placement.

Tissue Retrieval


The LapSac® Surgical Tissue Pouch is used to isolate tissue during or prior to surgical removal with offset tabs for opening the pouch, reinforced nylon to resist tearing and polyurethane coating on the inside to provide leak resistance.


Sydney IVF Blastocyst Medium

The Sydney IVF Blastocyst Medium is:

  • Intended for use during in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures for extended culture and transfer of embryos.
  • Designed to provide the necessary nutrients to support blastulation, differentiation and expansion.
  • Bicarbonate buffered.

It has a higher glucose concentration for blastocyst metabolism and energy production, includes essential and non-essential amino acids to support blastocyst development and is ideal for use in a low-oxygen environment.

Maternal Foetal Medicine - Bakri & Cervical Ripening Balloon

Bakri® Postpartum Balloon

The Bakri Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation Components is used for temporary control or reduction of postpartum uterine bleeding when conservative management of uterine bleeding is warranted.

Cook® Cervical Ripening Balloon with Stylet

The Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon is a silicone double-balloon catheter with a malleable stylet. It is intended for mechanical dilation of the cervical canal prior to labour induction at term when the cervix is unfavourable for induction.