Versius Surgical Robotic System

“Uniquely Small and Modular”

Cambridge Medical Robotics (C.M.R) has designed Versius to give surgeons and hospitals the versatility to operate in the way that is best for patients and to maximise utilisation.

Versius provides freedom of port placement to best suit the needs of each patient, allowing the surgeon to operate the way you did laparoscopically with all the benefits of advanced robotic surgery.

Versius offers the flexibility to plan fully robotic procedures or perform a hybrid procedure by integrating laparoscopic instruments for specific portions of the procedure according to patient need.

No structural changes to an operating theatre are required to install the Versius. Versius is designed to be moved effortlessly between operating theatres to help hospitals maximise its utilisation. The small-scale design, enabled by unique V-Wrist technology, means that it is suitable for virtually any operating theatre.

Versius is approved for use in urology, urogynaecology, gynecology, colorectal surgery, upper gastro-intestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, thoracic surgery, and general robotic surgery procedures.

“Transforming surgery. For good.”

Versius Bedside Units

The Versius instrument bedside units offer precision and control of a suite of fully wristed articulating Versius instruments.

Combined with the Versius endoscope bedside unit and the enhanced 3D HD vision, the surgeon has an elevated level of accuracy when performing complicated procedural steps or operating in hard-to-reach areas.

With high levels of precision and control, the surgeons can perform more of their complex procedures robotically.

Versius Digital Ecosystem

The power of a digitally native ecosystem
The introduction of Versius into the operating theatre means you can gather more surgical data than ever before. But data alone is not enough. It only becomes useful when it is made meaningful and actionable.
With the Versius digital ecosystem, surgeons have the tools to understand the full clinical story of their procedures, so they can make informed decisions to improve patient care.
The Versius Connect platform is your gateway into the digital ecosystem, providing easy access to real-time digital logbook for every Versius case.
The data-led training pathway enables personalised feedback for the surgeon and the wider surgical team throughout the learning curve.
Hospitals can monitor value of your Versius robotics programme by tracking ongoing utilisation and case throughput with key usage metrics and dashboards.
Versius Team is designed for surgical teams to improve setup efficiencies by providing easy access to previous Versius setups and live Versius reporting about active cases to aid real time troubleshooting.

Versius Surgeon Console

With open design architecture including an open console, Versius allows for clear verbal and non-verbal communication between the surgeon and surgical team during the surgical procedures. Surgeons have the option of performing the robotic procedure in 3D mode and in 2D mode when required.

The ergonomics of the Versius console, allows surgeons to sit or stand in comfortable position during surgery which has the potential to reduce stress and fatigue.

Versius Trainer

The Versius Trainer gives surgeons the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Versius virtual environment.

The simulator enables surgeons to develop the motor and cognitive skills required to operate Versius in a virtual environment and provides performance feedback to finely hone their skills in the most demanding of surgical tasks.