Endovascular Disease - Primary Renal Stenosis, Primary Iliac Stenosis, Bare Metal In-Stent Stenosis.

Getinge Advanta V12 balloon expandable covered stents have been trusted by physicians for its ease of use and proven, reliable outcomes since 2003. Backed by robust, long-term clinical data and over 500 publications, Advanta V12 stents have touched over 500 000 lives. Advanta V12 was designed to conform to the vessel structure, flexible enough to be navigated to the iliac anatomy and to accommodate a 90-degree bend (8-10mm diameters only). Designed with an unique PTFE covering technology, Advanta V12 inspires confidence with high patency and low reintervention rates

Advanta V12 Balloon Expandable Covered Stents

Advanta V12 is known as the market leader in balloon expandable covered stents. The flexible, open cell design stents are encapsulated in one piece of PTFE, pre-mounted on a PET balloon catheter (non-compliant) and has a low crossing profile, designed to track through tortuous arteries, with the ability to post-dilate to customize to the patient’s anatomy. Clinical successes include significantly reduced neointimal hyperplasia, superior patency advantages over bare metal stents in the long term and dramatically lower TVR rates when compared to bare metal stents. Advanta™ V12 is CE approved for restoring and improving the patency of iliac and renal arteries. Renal approval includes 5mm, 6mm and 7mm diameter Advanta V12 sizes.

Vascular & Cardiothoracic Surgery Solutions

Advanta VXT Vascular Grafts

Advanta VXT vascular grafts are synthetic vascular prostheses made from expanded ePTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). VXT is comprised of a reinforced two-layer design to offer greater strength to that of single layer ePTFE grafts. The grafts are available in straight and tapered configurations, offering the ability to match or alter vessel flow dynamics with or without helical support (rings), should additional radial support be preferred. Grafts can be ordered in standard wall or thin wall thickness. Advanta VXT comes equipped with the Slider GDS tunneling system and is available in lengths from 10 – 90cm, with an average outer surface porosity of 50 µm and an average inner surface porosity of 20 µm.`

Intergard Silver Antimicrobial Knitted Grafts

INTERGARD SILVER has proven clinical benefits and safety, as shown in over 10 years of worldwide usage and 150 000 prostheses implanted. Designed for routine use to reduce the risk of graft-related infection and validated for intended use with rifampicin loading, it includes a full range of products for Thoracic, Abdominal and Peripheral surgery in a knitted wall construction, in a variety of sizes, lengths, and diameters, with no suture hole bleeding and superb handling and host vessel conformability. The graft’s water permeability is < 5ml/cm²/min. The INTERGARD 3-yarn, reverse lock-knit, knitting technique is a superior textile design that enables long-term stability of the graft material, crucial to enduring graft performance.

Vascular Bypass and AV Access

Flixene Vascular Grafts

Flixene is a unique 3-layer ePTFE graft, which provides significantly improved strength and durability over single and double layer ePTFE grafts. It offers a strong and durable cannulation zone, with clinical data demonstrating the ability to be safely cannulated within 24 to 72 hours, thus enabling patients to begin dialysis within days, rather than weeks. Flixene grafts come in a variety of configurations – straight or tapered, standard or graduated wall thickness – and comes equipped with the SLIDER GDS tunnelling system. Graduated Walls offer physicians improved suturability and handling. Flixene has an average outer surface porosity of 60µm, and an average inner surface porosity of 20µm.